Walking a dog

Walking a dog without a leash? watch out

Walking a dog is very simple if you know how to do it. Surely you have seen dozens of dogs strolling along the street next to their owners, many of them strolling properly and some others …. Walking them, very badly. Walking a dog that does not know how to walk with you, can be a disaster; Jerks, overtaking, tension on the belt and endless problems that can turn a nice ride into an entire odyssey.

Whether your dog is an adult or a puppy, you should teach him how to walk with you. Dogs do not know if they do it wrong or, they simply walk and is their owners who must tell them if it does it right or wrong. Most behavioral problems when walking a dog can due to poor communication between the owner and the dog, it is not by any means that the dog is just being rude.

If your dog is a puppy you must vaccinate him before going out with him, accustom him to wear the collar all day  and not see it as a problem in his neck. Remember that puppies grow quickly, watch that the collar is never tight, you should be able to put in a pair of fingers without problem between the strap and the neck of the puppy.

Taking a quiet walk with your dog is something really simple that just needs a little practice and patience. Forget all the techniques you have learned so far and put these into practice, you will see how in a short time you get good results.

Practical tips

  • Never start teaching your dog if is full of energy and eager to play.
  • Avoid the heat of the sun, or your dog will only want to look for a shade.
  • Forget punishment collars, anti-pull straps, etc. All dogs can learn with a normal collar and a medium-sized strap.
  • Your mood is fundamental, if you are not calm and positive, do not give the class.
  • If you think your dog is too upset, pet it to make it relax and then you can start.
  • Never let a small child teach for you, only the owner or an experienced adult (trainer) can teach.
  • Be patient, some dogs take several months to learn to walk properly, it is all about practice and patience, there are no more tricks.
  • Start by grabing the strap to make it shorter and make your dog be next to you, then start walking if he tries to go infront of you, or pulls, say no and stop, then return to his side and try again, until it walks next to you, after a few practice, you can start letting loose the strap from your handm and as always, reward your pet with a treat if it does a good job.
  • If the situation exceeds you, if you do not have the time … go to a professional, but always, always, you must be present in the training.

After months of training and knowing the basic orders of obedience, you can try walking your dog without a leash, this way you wont lose control of your pet.


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