How to travel safely with your Dog

Travel with your dog

Today we all take extra steps to leave everything in the house protected and travel as safely as possible and with the growing concern about security in any transport medium, Here at DoggiesMatch we will give you some recommendations on How to travel safely with your Dog

Here is a list of steps you can take:

  1. The first step is to talk to your veterinarian about the trip and the specific needs of your pet.
  2. Even if your dog has an identification tag, it is worth asking your veterinarian to put a permanent microchip in case you miss it during a trip.
  3. Unless your pet is small enough to travel in the airplane cabin with you, choose the car. Flying in the plane in a cage is not at all pleasant for animals, since the strange noices and being wihtout anyone it knows will cause some panic, this is why it is recommended to give them some sleep pills.
  4. Secure your pet and protect your dog from an accident.
  5. If you go in a car, open the window a bit to get air from the outside, but do not let your dog head poke out too much.
  6. Never leave the dog alone in the car. Plan your trip in advance so that the dog can accompany you at your stops. The temperature in cars can reach very high levels in a few minutes, even if it is not summer.
  7. Get ready for the unpredictable. Make a list of many veterinary center that are close to your destination, something may occur during the trip or at any place.
  8. When you arrive, Put the leash on your dog before you leave out. And dedicate moments of the trip with your pet, this will help you and your dog as well, keeping only good memories for the years to come.


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