How to train your dog how to use the stairs

How to train your dog to use the stairs
There are many reasons why your dog might be afraid to use a ladder. It may be something new to him, he might have had a terrible fall or he could just be too scared. No matter what the reason if your dog is anxious near it, never force it to use the stairs. This would only make your dog more afraid or become aggressive. Instead, train your dog by using positive reinforcements and allow him to set the pace.

Choose a good schedule for training
Your dog will be more receptive to training if you choose a time when it’s alert and satisfied. Avoid training if you would prefer to go for a walk, if your dog is too tired or need to eat.

Provide physical support when you train your dog
It may be afraid to use the ladder because your dog had a fall in the past. To train your dog, consider using a leash and place your hand under his stomach, and pull it in front of the stairs, going up is easier than going down, so when you are ready, try to make your dog go up by giving him support, don’t pull him by force, instead try helping your dog go up a few steps then try going down, until it can go all the way up and down.

Congratulate him on his effort
Do not think you can only give him a reward if he climbs the stairs successfully. Reward it and encourage it to make small improvements, such as looking at the ladder or placing a leg on the step. You should help your dog associate the ladder with something positive. That way, his anxiety will decrease.

Determine if your dog has any illness
If your dog still refuse to use the stairs, or if he used ir before but now is scared to try, then you have to get a vet to examine your dog. Becouse it may have a disease, such as arthritis, elbow or hip dysplasia, a spinal disease or muscle weakness, which makes it difficult for your dog to climb the ladder because of its extreme angle, which causes pain if your dog has any of those disease.

Dogs that have never used ladders may be afraid to go up or down on them. Going down the stairs can be particularly frightening. With a little patience, you can train your dog how to use the stairs. After doing so, your dog will run up and down the stairs as if he had done it all his life.


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