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Small dogs for active people
When people think of small dogs, often the image of a pampered one, riding around in a designer handbag comes to mind. It is true that many were bred exclusively for the company, but there are some who were working dogs and to date are very energetic.

For the active people it is advisable to consider the small breeds that love to take long walks, chase squirrels and generally face anything.

High activity dogs
This group does not like to be sitting around the house all day long as they need a good amount of physical and mental stimulation. Some Terriers are good for very active people like Parsons, Cairn, Border, Australian and Wire Fox Terriers . Other small breeds that are energetic are the Basenji and the Petit Basset Griffon.

Small Dogs with moderate activity
These breeds do not require energy-intensive activities, but have to relieve themselves at least every other day. In general they were bred to be companion dogs, but they want more activity than most lap dogs. Some breeds that fall into this category are the Bichon Frize, Miniature Dachshund, Miniature Pinscher, Miniature Poodle, Scottish Terrier and Terrier silky.

Small Dogs of moderate activity.
Dogs in this category will be fine with two rides a day and plenty of indoor game time. Some small dogs of moderate activity are the Dandie Dinmont, Norwich Terrier, Chinese Crested, Miniature Bull Terrier and Norfolk Terrier.

When you own a small active dog, do not think that you have to walk it 10 miles every day, with two 30 minute walks each day, it will usually tire a dog. Running is good for a dog with a moderate or high level of activity and makes you and your dog do great exercise. There are many other activities you can do with your dog that are energizing for both of you.


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