How keep a dog with fresh breath

While dogs do not have the best breath of the world, your pet should not make you faint when it opens his mouth. The most common cause of bad breath in dogs are diseases in their teeth and gums. If your pet has bad breath, take it to the vet for a review, since it is a common sign of dental disease, or It could also be a symptom of other health problems. If your furry friend currently does not have bad breath, you can do several things to prevent the problem.

The first thing to keep in mind to avoid bad breath of your dog is that you should start taking care of its dental hygiene from puppyhood. Thus, buy a soft bristle brush designed especially for dogs with the right size, and begin to brush his teeth slowly to make your dog get used to. Remember that you can not use the toothpaste made for humans, you should buy a dog one.

Lack of oral hygiene and care to our dog can trigger excess plaque and thereby bad breath. Small breeds are those that are more likely to accumulate tartar on their teeth and develop a smelly breath. It is therefore important to know the cleaning techniques and some tricks to avoid bad breath of your dog.

In addition to brushing their teeth, there are some remedies that can help to prevent their occurrence and to fight it if you are starting to care for their mouth. If the plaque is well developed you should take your dog to the vet to perform a Dental cleaning.

Food is another aspect that directly affects the creation of plaque. Therefore, it is better that you probably go for a dry diet rich in nutrients to keep its mouth as healthy as we can.

toothpaste sticks, bones fit to gnaw or even cookies, and give occasionally. This way your dog will exercise his teeth while the clean and polish.

Do not hesitate to buy Toys and bones to gnaw or any other item that can help keep their teeth stay clean and polished, if you want to avoid the bad breath. As the snacks, toys act like a toothbrush cleaning the plate and removing food debris.

What toys?
The ideals are those that are made of natural rubber or nylon, since they have a hard consistency and allow the dog clean teeth and massage its gums. Twisted ropes are also a good choice.

It’s good to start with this kind of toys from puppyhood, not only to improve its oral hygiene, but to also prevent it from biting other things, such as furniture or shoes.

Finally if home care is not enough to keep a good oral health, in the long term In order to maintain healthy your dog’s mouth and clean teeth, you have to resort to professional dental care. Regular visits to the veterinarian should include a dental evaluation.


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