Miniature Pinscher

The Miniature Pinscher

This dog is not a simple breed. For example, there are two basic questions that should be asked about any dog: does he bark too much and is he aggressive towards people or other dogs?

In relation to many dog breeds, these questions would be answered with a simple yes or no, but not when it comes to the Miniature Pinscher. The answer to both questions is yes and no; Therefore, an explanation must be given. The character of the Miniature Pinscher has many facets and the best way to know the dog integrally is to define each particular aspect. But first let us know a little better before attempting to answer the above questions.


The Miniature Pinscher is a smart and fast dog when it comes to learning anything his master wants to teach him. The great gift he has is his desire to please his owner and family. This dog considers that his home and all the people belongs to him. Although he can be stubborn sometimes.

This breed perform well in obedience and Agility sports and also in learning games. In addition, they are very elegant exhibition dogs.

It is a versatile dog that adjusts quickly and easily to different environments and situations. It can settle for small spaces, such as an apartment or a small house, and live equally happy as if it was in  a big home. It is also possible to train him to do his needs on newspaper, inside the house, which makes it the ideal mascot for those who can not accompany their dogs outside the home to exercise.

Aspects to consider

When you have a Miniature Pinscher, it becomes a permanent necessity to keep the environment where the dog lives, by constant supervision, or safe guard (cage) at times when the owner can not be with him. Despite their age, dogs of this breed are always curious, fast and daring, so it is essential to keep the home and garden free of risks and dangers.

Leaving the door open is to invite this breed to run outside and beyond. Therefore, the owner must take care whenever the door is open.

Even though it is a breed of great energy, there is nothing that likes him more than climbing on a sofa or a bed next to its owner and hugging him. Another thing is, they get excited when it needs to prepare for a trip, because he loves to ride in a car. It should be taught to ride inside his cage, as it is the safest way to travel that dogs have. You can make him get used to by making short trips, and eventually your dog will accept the cage as your own space inside the car.

Ideally, the owner of a Miniature Pinscher should be a person who has the time and energy to devote himself to training his dog. To become a responsible owner of this breed, it is necessary to combine the desire to have a loyal and attentive partner with the interest of channeling the abundant energy of the dog and also possess the necessary ability to understand and accept the challenging characteristics of the breed, so it all depends on how the dog was trained to prevent it to become a barker or a bitter.


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