Dog breed Ariegeois

Hello friends. Thank you for reading us daily. Today you will learn about the dog breed Ariegeois. which is a breed from a cross between the Cien d’Artois and the Bleu de Gascogne. Recognized for the first time in 1912 this breed is rarely seen outside of France.

This hound is easygoing, affectionate, relaxed with children and docile with other dogs. However the Ariegeois of today is mainly a hunter and if given the opportunity, uses his fine smell, his sonorous and beautiful voice while chasing hares or other small animals.

Behavior of the Ariegeois

The Hound of the Ariège or Ariegeois is a versatile hound used mainly for the hunting activity with rifle hunting, minor hunting, tracker or integrated in a pack. Therefore, it requires a great deal of exercise. In rural areas they have the possibility of going out to the countryside; On the contrary it does not adapt so well to urban life and its limitations of space and exit.

They are brave dogs in the hunt, very resistant, tireless and enjoying the work. In family they are kind, obedient, docile, tender, easy to train and calm with other dogs although they are, yes, quite noisy especially if they are bored.

Health and care of the Ariegeois

The Hound of the Ariège or Ariegeois is a breed that usually does not present special health problems but, yes, its propensity to accumulate bacteria and fungi in their ears due to the humidity that accumulates there.

As with other hunting dogs, it is advisable to carry out a periodic inspection after a day in the field, in order to discover any nails stuck or parasites on the skin or hairs, especially the legs and ears should be checked. Care for ticks as they can transmit piroplasmosis.

Regarding their care, this breed is strong, rustic and a healthy dog that does not need special care beyond the typical veterinary attention and a daily physical training to keep the dog in shape. He is also accustomed to living in packs. In these cases the pack should be kept in a good hygienic and nutritional condition, periodically controlling the feces to eliminate any parasites. Finally, the maintenance of their short coat is simple and a weekly brushing is enough.


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