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The best vitamins for dogs

With the right vitamins, you can help your dog’s body to grow and repair itself. Now, an excess of certain vitamins can also be harmful to his health, so be careful.

Vitamins help your dog’s body process other nutrients and without the right balance of vitamins, its body will not grow or repair itself properly. The easiest way to get the right balance of vitamins in your dog’s diet is to give it a balanced food for dogs like the one offered by Pedigree.

Here’s what each of those vitamins does.

  • Vitamin A is good for sight, among other things.
  • Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium for bone formation.
  • Vitamin E helps the body make red blood cells.
  • Vitamin K helps the blood to clot and form protective scabs.

It is your decision on how you are going to feed your dog, remember that it is totally necessary to help your dog receive an adequate balance of vitamins in his diet.

Vitamins for dogs in Food

Commercial dog foods already have the vitamins, minerals and nutrients essential for the dog to be healthy. Experts say that a dog that eats food adapted to its age, size and degree of activity does not need an extra supply of vitamins.

Yes they may be needed, however, when the dog feeds on an unbalanced home diet. In these cases, it is appropriate to opt for specific vitamins rather than complex ones for the dog. Also vitamins are sold for dogs with certain pathologies.

However, either by excess or by default, the ingestion of vitamins can be detrimental to the health of the dog. The veterinarian will be the best to advise what is appropriate for each specific case.


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