We know that meeting new people is a challenge, but what about finding other dogs for breeding or just playmates for your dog? That was nearly an impossibility—at least until now.

We created DoggiesMatch to make meeting new people and dogs in easier than ever before. DoggiesMatch is the ultimate online destination for dog lovers to connect with others just like them in a unique way—a dog dating site if you will. We give you resources to create a profile for your pooch with all the pertinent information, and we give you plenty of space to show off favorite pictures.


The Most Innovative Pet Matching Service

We want to give dog owners, enthusiasts and yes, dogs, an online home like no other. Our community is designed to help you find other nearby dogs and dog owners to set up playdates or breeding opportunities. We offer a number of search options so you can sort by location, breed, pedigree, color, age and many other criteria. This advanced matching system is much more effective than any classified ads.

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Why Choose DoggiesMatch?

In addition to all the great matching features and an extensive database of active users, DoggieMatch functions as a full-featured social networking site for dog owners and lovers. Our community includes an active, open blog where you can tell stories and share more about your special canine. Dog dating has never been as easy or as much fun as it is with DoggiesMatch!

What Else Does DoggiesMatch Offer?

While we think doggie dating is pretty awesome, and important, we know there are many other things dog owners are thinking about when they spend time online. Membership at DoggiesMatch gives dog owners many other benefits. We have plans in place to organize and participate in many different dog-related and dog-friendly events different cities, so your membership could be a great way to get involved. In addition, we are committed to helping many pet-related charities throughout the country. Finally, we are putting together an exclusive discount program for our members so you can get great deals on the dog products you are purchasing already.

As you can see, DoggiesMatch is a great way to get out there and meet people (and dogs). Give it a try, what do you have to lose? Who knows, you could meet the perfect new friend or mate for your pooch!

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