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Dogs are some of the most complex creatures on the planet, and experts are learning new things about them every single day. Even crazier, because every dog is unique in their own way, it’s virtually impossible to know everything there is to know about owning a dog.

While the capriciousness of your dog’s behavior may be frustrating at times, it’s that spontaneity of having a furry friend that makes owning a dog so exciting! You can never learn enough about your dog. Here are just five surprising facts you may not know about your furry friend:

  • People spend a ton on their pets
    If you think your dog is “spoiled,” you’d be shocked by how much some celebrity dog owners pamper their furry friends. In fact, Americans spent more than $50 billion on their beloved cats, dogs, and other animal companions last year.
  • Dogs rule; cats drool
    Cat owners may think this is typical dog owner bias, but statistics back it up. By a margin of 70% to 20%, Americans describe themselves more as “dog persons” than “cat persons.”
  • Dogs get lonely, too
    Dogs are often seen as being “less emotional” than cats and other pets, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. An estimated 4% of America’s 55 million dogs suffer from separation anxiety, and they need you to get them out of their funk!.
  • Puppy love. Dogs do get lonely, but just 20 minutes of social interaction with a walker and others they meet on the street can go a long way toward improving your dog’s mood. Find the perfect match for your dog, and watch them fall head over paws in love.
  • Dog dating websites
    That’s right….dog dating websites. You may scoff, but millions of people fall in love online. Why can’t your dog? These days, everyone is taking advantage of the Internet to find true love, including canines. Sign your puppy up on a dog dating website and help them meet the love of their life!

It seems as if new crazy dog facts are released on a daily basis, so be on the lookout for more fascinating tidbits about your furry friend. In the meantime, check out dog dating websites and find your puppy a soulmate.


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