Corgi as a pet

Corgis are excellent pets for those looking for an agile and active companion to keep them on alert. Do not let their little body fool you as it has a great personality.

The fact that the Corgi is a small breed dog does not mean that it can not protect you, being known for its loyal and protective nature. Originally raised as a grazing dog, it will quickly defend its human relatives as if it were its herd. Since they are very alert and aware of their surroundings, sometimes they will bark at every unknown noise, which makes them an excellent watchdog.

Most Corgis are sociable and affectionate, which helps them quickly become friends of their owners and other pets. They grow properly when they have attention and are eager to please, but they can become a problem if their energy is not properly channeled. It is a very intelligent breed that enjoys problem solving activities. If you like the idea of adopting an elegant pet with the potential to excel in obedience and high performance training, Corgi could be an excellent choice for your family.

Corgi´s hair has the habit of finding room on the floor, furniture, clothing and even food. This breed has a double layer of medium-long dense hair that makes them great spillers. If you like the idea of owning a Corgi but are worried that it may become a hairy problem, you should not despair because regular brushing can help keep it under control.

You should not delay in socializing your Corgi or showing him who the boss is. These dogs are friendly and easy to train as long as they are socialized from an early age and learn to accept humans as leaders. Sometimes they are too intelligent. Without enough physical and mental stimulation, a Corgi could entertain itself by playing tricks or destroying something. Involving your Corgi in regular activities that exercise your body and mind will help keep you out of trouble.

This nice dog will be your best friend, but you must take into account all these characteristics and possible drawbacks of the breed Corgi that we have told you before buying or adopting this pet. Remember that every dog can be good and faithful if you devote the time and care you need. It does not matter the color of the Corgi, or tricolor or like a fox, its height or its weight (in healthy measure), whenever it feels happy in the received home and that is one more member of the family for its owners.


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